China's Regulations on Aliens' Religious Activities



(Promulgated by Decree No. 144 of the State Council of the People”s Republic of China on January 31, 1994)

第一条 为了保障中华人民共和国境内外国人的宗教信仰自由,维护社会公共利益,根据宪法,制定本规定。

Article 1 These Provisions are formulated in accordance with the Constitution in order to ensure the freedom of religious belief of aliens within the territory of the People”s Republic of China and to maintain the public interests of the society.

第二条 中华人民共和国尊重在中国境内的外国人的宗教信仰自由,保护外国人在宗教方面同中国宗教界进行的友好往来和文化学术交流。

Article 2 The People”s Republic of China respects the freedom of religious belief of aliens within Chinese territory and protects friendly contacts and cultural and academic exchanges of aliens with Chinese religious circles in respect of religion.

第三条 外国人可以在中国境内的寺院、宫观、清真寺、教堂等宗教活动场所参加宗教活动,经省、自治区、直辖市以上宗教团体的邀请,外国人可以在中国宗教活动场所讲经、讲道。

Article 3 Aliens may participate in religious activities at Buddhist monasteries, Taoist temples, mosques, churches and other sites for religious activities within Chinese territory. Aliens may preach and expound the scripture at Chinese sites for religious activities at the invitation of Chinese religious bodies at or above the level of province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government.

第四条 外国人可以在县级以上人民政府宗教事务部门认可的场所举行外国人参加的宗教活动。

Article 4 Aliens may hold religious activities attended by aliens at the sites for religious activities approved by the department of religious affairs of the people”s government at or above the county level.

第五条 外国人在中国境内,可以邀请中国宗教教职人员为其举行洗礼、婚礼、葬礼和道场法会等宗教仪式。

Article 5 Aliens within Chinese territory may invite Chinese religious personnel to conduct such religious ceremonies as baptism, weddings, funerals, Taoist and Buddhist rites.

第六条 中国人进入中国国境,可以携带本人自用的宗教印刷品、宗教音像制品和其他宗教用品;携带超出本人自用的宗教印刷品、宗教音像制品和其他宗教用品入境,按照中国海关的有关规定办理。


Article 6 Aliens entering Chinese territory may carry religious printed matter, religious audio-visual products and other religious articles for personal use; if the amount of such religious printed matters, religious audio-visual products and other religious articles is greater than for personal use, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese Customs.

    Religious printed matter or religious audio-visual products whose contents are detrimental to the public interests of Chinese society are forbidden to bring into Chinese territory.

第七条 外国人在中国境内招收为培养宗教教职人员的留学人员或者到中国宗教院校留学和讲学,按照中国的有关规定办理。

Article 7 Aliens within Chinese territory shall recruit the persons to study abroad to be trained as religious personnel, or come to study or teach at Chinese religious institutions in accordance with the relevant provisions of China.

第八条 外国人在中国境内进行宗教活动,应当遵守中国的法律、法规,不得在中国境内成立宗教组织、设立宗教办事机构、设立宗教活动场所或者开办宗教院校,不得在中国公民中发展教徒、委任宗教教职人员和进行其他传教活动。

Article 8 Aliens who conduct religious activities within Chinese territory shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, shall not establish religious organizations, set up religious offices, sites for religious activities or run religious institutions within Chinese territory, not may they develop followers, appoint religious personnel or engage in other missionary activities.

第九条 外国人违反本规定进行宗教活动的,县级以上人民政府宗教事务部门和其他有关部门应当予以劝阻、制止;构成违反外国人入境出境管理行为或者治安管理行为的,由公安机关依法进行处罚;构成犯罪的,由司法机关依法追究刑事责任。

Article 9 Where aliens conduct religious activities that violate these Provisions, the departments of religious affairs and other related departments of the people”s government at or above the county level shall dissuade or stop them; where those activities violate the control of the entry and exit of aliens or administration of public security, the public security organs shall punish them in accordance with the law; where a crime is constituted, they shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility by the judicial organs.

第十条 外国组织在中华人民共和国境内的宗教活动适用本规定。

Article 10 These Provisions are applicable to religious activities of foreign bodies within Chinese territory.

第十一条 侨居国外的中国公民在中国境内,台湾居民在大陆,香港、澳门居民在内地进行宗教活动,参照本规定执行。

Article 11 Chinese citizens residing abroad within Chinese territory, Taiwan residents on the Mainland, the residents of Hong Kong and Macao in the inland shall conduct religious activities with reference to these Provisions.

第十二条 本规定由国务院宗教事务部门负责解释。

Article 12 The department of religious affairs of the State Council shall be responsible for the interpretation of these Provisions.

第十三条 本规定自发布之日起施行。

Article 13 These Provisions shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation.