Enrollment Guide on Junior visiting program

Program introduction

Renmin University of China welcomes undergraduate students from other countries to study with us for a short time. Students can study for one semester or one year. Students should take no less than 10 credits. After completing the program, students can get the certificate.


Applicants should at least finish two years’undergraduate study with non-Chinese nationality.

Key Date of Application

Application for fall semester: March 1 to May 15

Application for spring semester: October 1 to December 15

Application Procedure

1) Complete the online application and print the completed form, with an “Enter Number” on the top left of the page. The online application can be found at: iso.ruc.edu.cn and click “Apply Online” button

2) Submit the following supporting documents

a. The certificate of enrollment or the copy of highest degree diploma

b. The original Academic Trancripts

c. One recommendation letter

d. A copy of passport (Main Page)

e. A photocopy of visa (if you’ve already studied in China)

f. Two 2-inch pictures

g. RMB 800 application fee (non-refundable)

h. A signed Guarantee Statement (can be found at: iso.ruc.edu.cn)

i. HSK6 certificate for applicants who tend to take Chinese-taught courses

Students can submit the documents to International Student Office (ISO) or mail the documents to the office directly. All the hard copies must be received by deadline. Late submission will not be reviewed. The admission package will be sent out in 4 to 6 weeks once the application is accepted. The admission package will include t he admission letter, JW202 form for visa application, Dorm Reservation Information Sheet and other documents.


International Students Office will screen the application documents first, and then forward the qualified documents to related schools for the review. The successful applicants will be issued with the admission letter, JW202 form for visa application, Dorm Reservation Information Sheet and other documents.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable and application documents will not be returned to the applicants




Law School

School of Journalism and Communication

School of Finance

Business School

School of Economics

School of International Studies

13000 RMB/semester

School of Arts

15000 RMB/ semester


12000 RMB/ semester