2022 Master of Economic Development

Program description

The purpose of the Master of Economic Development program is to cultivate high-level comprehensive professionals who not only have solid basic economic theoretical knowledge and applied knowledge of the major, but also understand the economic development theory and practice of both developing countries and China, and can grasp and analyze the current economic situation and its future development. After graduation, students can work in international organizations, government departments, international enterprises, financial organizations, teaching and research departments related to economic development. All courses offered in this program are taught in ENGLISH. Each student in the program conducts research in his/her area of particular interest under the guidance of a RUC faculty member.



Foreign citizens who do not hold Chinese passports must demonstrate to be good natured individuals who have the necessary degrees and language capabilities.

In principle,the applicant must not be more than 35 years old of age, and must hold a degree that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited Chinese university.

According to Section 5 of the Citizenship and Immigration Laws set forth by The People’s Republic of China, the individual in consideration cannot have Chinese citizenship if this person has a non-Chinese passport, has both parents who are Chinese foreign residents, or has one parents who is a Chinese foreign resident.

Applicants who were born in China or residents of Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan citizenship or those who possess foreign citizenship due to immigration must demonstrate to been in possession of their foreign citizenship for a minimum time of at least four years.


The deadline is April 30 2021.

Admission Procedure

We strongly suggest you go through our website (https://www.ruc.edu.cn/en or http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/English/ or http://iso.ruc.edu.cn) to read the overall introductions of our Master Programs in English, before you start to apply, applications are accepted only for the fall term. There is no application fee waived provided by applications submitted.

To begin your application to Renmin University of China, please access the online application found on the website of the International Student Office of Renmin University of China and register through the online registration system.( http://international.ruc.edu.cn/application )

After successful registration, please fill in the personal information truthfully, upload the application materials, submit them and pay the application fee online in the system. After submitting, the application form will be generated and printed. Applicants should print the application form and sign it.

The deadline for completing the Online registration is from November 15, 2022 to April 30, 2022. No application will be accepted after the deadline.


Application Materials

Within one week after online registration, we request that you submit the following items as paper materials (hard copies) to the International Student Office of Renmin University of China by EMS, DHL or SF express for qualification examination.

1. International Student Application Form of Renmin University of China

2. The application form will be generated automatically after the online registration is completed. Print the application form and sign at the bottom of the form. The application form should be printed clearly. It is forbidden to daub, sketch or damage the application form.

3. Certificate of highest education.

4. Academic transcript (original or notarized).

5. Copies of the front cover, front page and visa page of the passport.

6. Two letters of recommendation are required, from two professors or associate professors written in Chinese or English with the letterhead paper of the recommender.

7. Personal statement.


9. Proof of language ability.

The total score of IELTS must be 6.0 or above, and TOEFL score must be 90 or above. No other English proficiency certificate is accepted. Applicants who have obtained an English teaching degree and native English-speaking applicants (including Chinese born in foreign countries) are not required to submit proof of language proficiency.

10. Proof of economic capability (choose one of the following).

Bank deposit certificate of the applicant (time deposit with the deposit amount of more than RMB 30000 and the deposit time limit is after October 2022).

the guarantor's on-the-job income certificate or bank deposit certificate (the on-the-job income certificate must be issued on the company's letterhead paper or fixed deposit with a deposit amount of more than 30000 Yuan and the deposit time limit is after October 2022).

11. Letter of guarantee.

The letter of guarantee template can be downloaded from the website of the International Student Office.

12. Certificate of no criminal record (original or notarized copy).

Applicants who are currently in China or have studied and lived in China must provide a certificate of no criminal record issued by the relevant entry-exit departments. Other applicants must provide a certificate of no criminal record issued by the public security administration of your country.

13.Copies of published academic papers, awards or other research results may be attached if necessary.

The published academic papers shall be attached with search certificates, employment notice or other relevant publication proof materials.



The current tuition rate is 60,000 RMB (around US $8800) per academic year. This does not cover costs of room and board, books and course materials, medical care services, field trip related expenses and other personal expenses.

Core Courses with Credits

A total of 38 graduate credits are required to complete the program, including a thesis. The program is comprised of 7 credits of required basic courses, 21 credits of required core courses, 8 credits of elective courses, and 2 credits of social practice. The requirements are as follows:

Required Basic Courses

Contemporary Chinese Politics

3 Credits

Foreign Language

4 Credits

Required Core Courses

Statistics and Econometrics

3 Credits

Applied Microeconomics

3 Credits

Applied Macroeconomics

3 Credits

Frontier of Development Economics

3 Credits

Economic Development:Comparison between China and the World

2 Credits

Contemporary Chinese Economy

3 Credits

Institution, Reform and Transformation

3 Credits

Thesis Writing and Standardization

1 Credits

Elective Courses

Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

2 Credits

Monetary Theory and Policy

2 Credits

Open Economics

2 Credits

Theories of International Trade and its   Application to the Chinese Economy

2 Credits

International Finance and its Application   to the Chinese Economy

2 Credits

Development Microeconomics

2 Credits

Economics of Poverty

2 Credits

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

2 Credits

China’s Energy Economics and Policy

2 Credits

Studies on Xi Jinping Thoughts on   Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

2 Credits

Studies on Xi Jinping Major Discourses on   Education

2 Credits

Social Practice

Social Practice

2 Credits



Applicants who want to be considered for a scholarship can refer to programs of Chinese Government Scholarships and Renmin University of China Scholarships. School of Economics also sets up scholarships specially for international students to assist tuition.


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