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Q: How can I get to Renmin University of China?

A: Renmin University of China is situated in Haidian District. Students can use the following three types of transportation to reach RUC.

By taxi

This is the most convenient way. The taxi will take about 1 hour to RUC, it costs 130-150yuan. The taxi can enter the campus through the North gate.

By airport shuttle

This is the most economic way. You can take route 4 ( Airport to GongZhuFen bound) and get off at Youyi Hotel station. After you get off, go east to find the campus. The shuttle run on every 15 minutes, and costs 24yuan. It takes about 1 hour to get to the campus. The route 4 runs from 05:30 to 23:00.

By subway (airport express)

This is the most time-efficient way. You can take the subway at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, and it costs 25yuan. Get off at SanYuanQiao station, and then change to subway line 10, after 11 stations, you get off at HaiDianHuangZhuang station and then change to subway line 4, then after another one station, you get off at Renmin University station. Exit from A2. Go straight for about 200 metres, you will find our university. The airport express costs 25yuan, and subway line 10 and line 4 will takes about 5-7yuan. The airport express runs from 06:35 to 23:10 for Terminal 2, and 06:21 to 22:51 for Terminal 3.

The west gate is close to SuZhouJie station. The east gate is close to Renmin University station, and the north gate is close to HaiDianHuangZhuang station.