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Q: How many times are there for the visiting program application?

A: In March and October, anyone who`s interested can apply for the visiting program.

Q: What is the specific time for the application?

A:  Spring semester: October 1st – December 15th

Fall semester: March 1st to May 30th

Q: What documents should I provide?

A: The required documents are:

①Application form

②Original transcript

③Certificate of enrollment (original) or graduate certificate(copy)

④Photocopy of passport

⑤600yuan application fee

⑥Three ID pictures

⑦If student already have the residence permit issued by other Chinese universities, students must submit the transfer document or certificate of complete

For more information, please visit:

Q:  How can I pay the application fee?

A:  We can only take the cash. Applicant must pay the 600yuan to ISO.

Q: If I don`t know anything about Chinese, can I still apply for the Chinese language program?

A: Yes. After you register with us, you will take the Chinese language placement test. There will be different levels, from zero to advanced level.

Q: How many courses will there be per week?

A: There will be 20 courses per week. The courses will be from Monday to Friday every week.

Q: How much is the tuition? How should I pay? What`s the relationship between tuition and visa?

A: The tuition is 10750yuan/semester, 21500yuan /year.

Students must pay the tuition by card (you can apply for a debit card at Bank of China in Beijing, deposit your money into that card and pay the tuition by that card)

If you pay the tuition for one semester, you can apply for the visa for one semester. If you pay the tuition for one year, you can apply for the visa for one year.