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Q: How to apply for the undergraduate study?

A: Applicant should be aged between 18 and 25. High school graduate, with good academic record, non-Chinese citizen. Any applicant who does not reach 18 till September 1st, 2015, must submit the guarantor`s statement (notarized document).

Q: How long will the undergraduate program take? What language will the course be delievered?

A: Normally, the undergraduate study takes four years to finish. Students must take all the required courses and defend the thesis. Qualified students will get the graduate certificate and degree certificate. The whole progams will be offered in Chinese. There will be some English-taught classes.

Q: I`m an immigrant with Chinese originality, am I eligible to apply?

A:Please refer to the related documents of the Ministry of Education ([2009] 83) and Undergraduate Program Enrollment Brochure

Q: If I`m still in my last year of high school study and haven`t got the diploma yet, can I still apply for the undergraduate program?

A: You can submit the Pre-Graduate Certificate. Once you got the admission, you must re-submit the high school diploma, otherwise, you won`t be allow to register.

Q: What if my HSK doesn`t reach the level you required when I applied? What should I do?

A: It`s suggested that the applicant submit the appropriate HSK certificate when applied. If the applicant fails to submit, the substitute documents (documents that can prove your Chinese language proficiency) must be submitted for the review. Once enrolled, students must submit the HSK certificate when registered. Otherwise, the enrollment will be denied.

Q: How can I check the school information and course introduction?

A: You can visit: for more information.

Q: How much is the tuition?



Law School, School of International Studies, School of Journalism


Other schools


Q: When does the school usually start? What should I prepare?

A: Our undergraduate program only take fall-semester students. The application will start in late March, the exam usually takes place in April. So normally, you must plan ahead half year ago.

Q: What`s the procedure of undergraduate program admission?

A: Please check the information below:

1)Apply online:

2)Submit required documents and send them to ISO by post or in person

3)Take the entrance examination and interview

4)Take the admission package, register at the beginning of the new semester

Q: After my documents were reviewed, should I take the examination and interview?

A: Yes. Students must take the entrance examination and interview at our university.

Q: Can I apply for the scholarship? What scholarships are available?

A: Yes.


Applicant eligibility


Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship

New students, old students

First-place:one full year tuition waived

Second-place: one full semester waived

Renmin University of China Scholarship

New students

There are Academic Performance Scholarship, Social Activity Scholarship, and Outstanding Student Leadership scholarship. The scholarship ranges from 1000-3000yuan/person.  

Q: Do you have pre-school program?

A: No.

Q: What majors are available?

A: There are 15 schools, 28 majors which are available for the international students. For more information, please visit:

Q: Can I change my major or transfer to another dept/school?

A: Students can apply for the change of majors or transfer in the 2nd semester of their first academic year. Students must take the examination organized by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Q: Does RUC take transfer students from other universities?

A: RUC doesn`t take transfer students. Anyone who`s interested in study undergraduate study must take the entrance examination and