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Medical Service and Insurance

The Ministry of Education requires every eligible international student to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan, including at least accidental injuries, hospitalization, and high-quota medical care. For International students receiving Chinese Government Scholarships and Confucius Institute Scholarships, the health insurance plan are prepared/ purchased by the government. Self-financed international students aren strongly recommended to buy comprehensive insurance package provided by the Ping An Annuity Insurance Company when you register at the ISO. Generally, the insurance premium for international students studying in China is 600 yuan/ year.

For details on the insurance coverage, please contact the Ping An Annuity Insurance Company at +86-10-5973-1677 or +86-10-5973-1688, or visit

International students without appropriate insurance will not be allowed to register.

The Renmin University of China Hospital and the Peking University Third Hospital are equipped with sufficient medical facilities that are accessible to our students.

Comprehensive health services are provided at the campus hospital. According to your medical treatment need, you can also choose No.3 Hospital of Peking University (BEIYISANYUAN)or Beijing Haidian Hospital, which are close to the RUC campus.

The list of hospitals close to the campus is as follows:

Hospital Name



The Renmin University of China Campus Hospital

On campus

(010) 6251-1470

No.3 Hospital of Peking University

#49 North Garden Road, Haidian District, Beijing

(010) 8226-6699

Beijing Haidian Hospital

#29 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian, Beijing

(010) 8261-9999

Accommodation and Life

The residential experience is regarded as an integral part of the education of an international student at Renmin University.

There are four different international residence on campus. They are No.1 International Student Residence, No.2 International Student Residence, No.3 International Student Residence, and International Cultural Exchange Center.

1Double room

1Building No.1(217 rooms

Room facilities:Bed, wardrobe, desk with bookshelf, other basic furniture and air conditioning.

Facilities in Public AreaThere are public washrooms, public bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries study rooms, activity rooms and public reception area in the Building.

2Building No.2(72 rooms)

Room facilitiesBed, wardrobe, desk with bookshelf, other basic furniture and air conditioning .

Facilities in Public AreaThere are public washrooms, public bathrooms, laundry rooms pantries, and public reception area in the Building.

2、Single room

1Building No.3(66 rooms)

Room facilitiesBed, wardrobe, desk with bookshelf, other basic furniture ,air conditioning and private bathroom.

Facilities in Public AreaThere is a laundry room, a pantry and public reception area in the Building.

2International Cultural Exchange Center(321 rooms)

Room facilitiesBed, wardrobe, desk, other basic furniture ,air conditioning and private bathroom.

Facilities in Public AreaThere are laundry rooms, pantries and public reception areas in the Building.


Change bed linen half a month;

Clean the bathroom once a week in ICEC and Building No.3.;

Deinsectization and conduct safety inspections regularly (enter the room)

4、Canteens and Shops in the apartment area

Building No.1No.1 International Students Canteen, No.2 International Students Canteen, Café and Convenience Store.

Building No.2Print & Copy shop.

International Cultural Exchange CenterCafé , Convenience Store and Gym on the B1 floor.

International students can also live off campus. Please make sure to register at the police station of their residential area and obtain Accommodation Certificate from the local police station.

Within 10 days after you changed your address and contact information, please inform the International Students Office. It is important for the International Students Office to be able to contact students when needed. International Students Office maintains a strict policy of keeping all contact information confidential.


RUC dining serves a variety of food at convenient locations throughout campus. The East Canteen, Central Canteen, West Canteen, North Canteen, and South Canteen (Jitian Restaurant), International Student Dining Hall (Chenghuangmiao Restaurant) are the major canteens 24/7. In addition, internationals students have other distinctive dining choices on campus, for instance, East Restaurant, Jin Xian Ju Restaurant, Zhi Wei Cafeteria, Mingde Paradiso Coffee, Canaan Pizza and Steak Restaurant, F. S. Grand Banquet, Water Stone Café, Jinggang Tea Restaurant and Korean Cuisine, etc. Please be aware that some dining places on-campus requires you to pay by ONEcard.

You can also find hospital, post office, bank, boo store, laundry store, stadium, theatre (Ru Lun Hall) on campus.


The Internet serves as significant media through which you obtain knowledge inside and outside the classroom. The internet will be automatically connected. However, you must log on to have connection. The username is your student ID number and the password is usually the last six digits of your passport number.

If you encounter a problem regarding the campus Internet, please visit or call (010) 6251-5292 (the Chinese language only). You can also ask for technical support from the staff in person at IT Service Center.


You are strongly recommended to open a bank account as soon as possible. A bank account is useful for conducting most business transactions in China, for instance, it is convenient to pay for tuition with such accounts. Remember to take your passport or other valid documents to the banks because you may be asked to show them when you transact business.

There are several banks on campus and close to RUC. In the Culture Plaza, there is a Bank of China; in the Huixian Building, there is an Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; out of the East Gate, there are China Merchants Bank and China Citic Bank; out of the West Gate, there are China Construction Bank and Agriculture Bank. Please consult the Bank if you have any other detailed questions.

The contact information of major local banks

Bank Name

Service Hotline



China Citic Bank


Southwest corner of Sitong Bridge

Bank of China


1st floor, Cultural Plaza

China Merchants Bank


2nd floor, Shuma Dasha

China Construction Bank


Next to Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Next to Morden Plaza

Agricultural Bank of China


South of Chengxiang Supermarket

The local emergency phone number for the international credit card companies

Visa: 8610-800-744-0027

Mastercard: 8610-800-711-7309

American express: 8610-65052639

JCB: 8610-85185220

Transportation and travel

Student Organization

International Students Office organizes different activities for international students. Students are welcomed to participate. Please follow us on our website, wechat or weibo for more information.

International students can use all facilities, stadium, gyms that are available to students on campus. Fees are applicable ad well.

There are more than 100 student organizations and clubs on campus, every September, they will recruit new members. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join.

Mental Health Consultation

Renmin University of China provides mental health consultation and peer counseling to students. Students can make an appointment through online system. The office hour is from Monday to Friday, 09:00-11:00, and 14:00-17:00. The late office hours are 17:00-19:00, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The consultation will last for 45 minutes per session.


Your transportation options around RUC are various. Regarding public transportation, RUC is within 5 minutes’ walking distance to many subways stations and bus stops.

In terms of the Beijing subway, you can take Subway Line 4 at the Renmin University Station which is close to the East Gate of the RUC. The Line 10 passes through Haidian Huangzhuang Station around the East Gate and the Suzhou Street Station close to the West Gate. For more Beijing subway information, please visit

It is also convenient to travel around Beijing by bus. A variety of bus lines pass through the Renmin University bus stop at the East Gate and the Suzhou Street bus stop close to the West Gate. For bus line query, please visit

Also, the highly developed transportation system both for arriving at and departing from Beijing facilitates your traveling.

There are two airports in Beijing. Beijing Capital International Airport is the biggest airport in China, with flight services departing to a wide range of both domestic cities and places overseas. For more information of this airport, please visit Nanyuan Airport provides flight service departing to many cities in China. For more information of Nanyuan Airport, please visit

In addition to the airlines, approximately 200 railway services to and from Beijing in five railway stations in Beijing ensure your convenience of traveling.

A list of railway stations is as follows:

Railway Station


Beijing Railway Station

A13 Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Beijing East Railway Station

7 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing West Railway Station

19 Guanglian Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

Beijing South Railway Station

12 Yongdingmen Outer Street, Chongwen District, Beijing

Beijing North Railway Station

Side Road, Xizhimen North Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Please know that the electronic bicycle and motorcycle are forbidden on campus. The motorcycle is forbidden within the 4th ring road (RUC is located between the 3rd and 4th ring road). You can lock your electronic bicycle outside of the East Gate.


January 1: New Year`s Day

April 4: Tomb-sweeping Day

The last three days of April: Spring break

May 1: Labor`s Day

May 5 (lunar calendar): Dragon Boat Festival

August 15 (lunar calendar): Mid-Autumn Festival

October 1:  National Day

December 30 (lunar calendar): New Year’s Eve

January 1 (lunar calendar): Spring Festival

Travel and Ticket

International students can take their spare time to travel around China. Remember to bring your passport with you when you travel and keep it in a safe place.

You might choose those places that are open to foreigners. Some are not open yet. If you have to visit those places due to your research or academic needs, you must file the application and get the approval letter. If you go without the approval, the punishment and/or fines will apply.

You can travel on weekends, during holidays or in summer/winter breaks. You cannot skip the class to travel while the school is still in session.

For more information on tourism, you can visit:

You can get the train ticket in the nearby train ticket office or log on to: