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The Beautiful China | Chinese cultural exchange activities in Beijing


Lecture of Chinese medicine and treatments

Chinese ancient musical instruments - Ocarina performance

Introduction of Chinese traditional painting program

Introduction of policies on foreign graduates to do internships, find employment and even to become entrepreneurs in Beijing and other parts of China

All foreign or Hong Kong and Macao Students are invited.

Time: April 15, 2017 13:30--16:30

Location: Building of Democratic Parties of Beijing (Houyingfang Hutong No.9, Xicheng District, Beijing)

Sponsor: Beijing Yanjing Culture College

Activity schedule

13:30--14:00 Sign in and start to enjoy Chinese traditional instruments - Ocarina performance

14:00--15:30 lecture: Experience Traditional Chinese medicine and treatments

Lecturer: Yu Jing, Ph.D., Post-doctor of China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences; Post-doctor of Austria Karl Frantzglatz University (Karl-Franzens-University by Graz).

15:30--15:40 Introduction of new Chinese government policy for foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan students in Beijing to do internship, employment or to start business

15:40--15:50 Introduction of Sino-Arabic Entrepreneurship Park in Ningxia Autonomy Zone and related programs for foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students to do internship or start business.

15:50--16:00 Introduction to Chinese painting

Lecturer: Liu Jianmin, National First Level Artist

16:00--16:10 Excel HSK Training program; Lecturer Jiao Yu, principal of Sinology Institute

16:10--16:30 Q & A


1 Group: By alumni association of countries or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

2 Individuals: Send “1415+ name + country + phone” to

3 Deadline of registration:

Group: Before April 12, 2017 8pm

Individuals: Before April 13, 2017 midnight

4 Liaison: Tel: 010-64011517   WeChat: jiaoyustudychinese

Confirmation letter will be sent on April 14th.

Tips of Transportation:



Line 2, Jishuitan Station D exit. Go westward along Houyingfang Hutong(后英房胡同) for 900 meters.

Line 4, Xinjiekou Station A or D exit, go westward along Xizhimen Nei Street(西直门内大街) for about 300 meters, then turn right to Beizaochang(北草场胡同), and go north for about 500 meters.


To go to Yutaoyuan Stop(玉桃园站) by Line 27, 44, 347, 618, T12( 12), or Yuntong Express bus, then go east for about 300 meters to Beizaochang(北草场胡同).